Python Brongersmai

It is our goal to have an established and thriving captive group of Python Brongersmai. Healthy and pure genetic representations of a magnificent species of snake that in its homeland are harvested for the food and skin trades.

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To propagate healthy Python Brongersmai from a single viable captive population.

Our goals

Giantkeeper Reptiles

Chris has always been intrigued by wildlife.  Growing up in Oklahoma he was always searching for new encounters. Whether it was catching crawfish and tadpoles in streams, turtles and frogs in ponds or box turtles, toads and snakes in the yard. 

Scared of snakes as a child, Alliey soon fell in love with them after her mother bought her the children’s book, “The Day Jimmy’s Boa Ate the Wash.”  Her mother had no idea what she had done and so began Alliey’s love of the constrictors. At the age of 18 she purchased her first pair of boas. 

Alliey and Chris met through mutual friends at a local reptile show almost two decades ago. Although Chris’s primary interest was large pythons and Alliey’s interest was boas, having similar interest for these amazing animals, they quickly became good friends. Their combined passion and experience led to the collaboration of what became Giantkeeper Reptiles. From rare boa morphs to leopard geckos, to creating the first ever “Pixel” Brongersmai.

​We are currently located in the temperate beach-side town of Oceanside in North San Diego County, California.

We pride ourselves in our work, the quality of our animals and the quality of our service. We specialize in captive bred excellence and top notch communication!

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