Terms of service

General Policies

Emails and phone calls will be answered promptly, usually within 24 hours. Customers will be treated with respect, and we expect the same in return. Buyer is responsible for adherence to state and local laws concerning animal purchases although we now check your local ordinances. If you are not allowed to work with Python Brongermsai or other reptiles we may offer, we will refuse the sale.

Price Changes

All prices are subject to change. With age comes size/weight and more often than not they gain value. Therefore prices will be adjusted accordingly.

Payment Plans

Payment plans will be made available on a case by case basis and require a 25% non refundable deposit. Once a payment plan has been made the animal will be taken off the market and will be considered sold. Animals will be fed and maintained as part of our personal stock at no charge to the customer. If for whatever reason the customer cannot complete the payment plan as agreed all monies will be refunded except the 25% deposit. Balance of payment due $500-$999 60-days, $1000 up 90-days.


If trades are accepted we will not include the shipping cost of your trade in the purchase, and you must ship first. If the trade animal(s) was misrepresented we reserve the right to return the animal at your expense.


Shipping costs are to be determined at the time of purchase based on package weight and your destination unless already included in the purchase price of the animal(s).

Shipping will be at a mutually agreed upon time, place and date, weather permitting.

Problems must be reported upon delivery and any compensation is dealt with on a case by case basis. Should there be a problem with the shipment (doa), pictures of animal(s) will be required and the animal(s) may be required to be sent back to us before any credit or replacement is offered.

Temps will be discussed before shipping, but no guarantee will be given if shipped when temps are below 60 degrees and above 90 degrees.

We are not responsible for carrier mistakes, mishaps or delays.

We do not export from the United States

FedEx, UPS, Delta

We ship Monday through Wednesday, schedules permitting. For all door to door deliveries there must be someone there to sign for your package; no signature equals no guarantee. Customer must contact us (phone, text or e-mail) within 2 hours of receiving the package to assure that the package has arrived on time and alive.

Drama Clause

This is a family run business so you must be polite and respectful when you call, text, or send emails. Any profanity or condescending remarks of any kind will not be tolerated for any reason and all sales will stop immediately.

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